Liguria a complete experience

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Camogli and the Padellone - mid-May

On the second Sunday of May the famous party arrives: the pan will fry in four thousand liters of oil, over four tons of blue fish, for a total of 40,000 portions, capable of satisfying the appetites of as many participants.

Recco focaccia festival - end of May

Normal or with onions in the morning, with cheese in the afternoon, fragrant at the right point. On the fourth Sunday of May, there will be free tastings of this renowned focaccia, throughout the day, musical performances, markets, chess and competitions for the sweet tooth.

Cinque Terre Literary Park - from spring to autumn

Always a magical place, Unesco World Heritage, today the Cinque Terre are also transformed into a Literary Park and every first Saturday of the month from spring to autumn, there will be the opportunity to discover literary nature trails starting from the Park info-point. Monterosso up to San Francesco, through the places of inspiration of Ossi di Seppia 1925, collection of poems that earned the Nobel Prize for literature to Eugenio Montale.

The green gold of Liguria - mid-April

Where the hills dotted with greenery are reflected in the blue sea, on April 17, the Olive Oil Market Exhibition arrives in Moneglia, giving the opportunity to taste various types of Ligurian focaccia with olive oil, accompanied by Vermentino.

Giacomo Puccini open air theater - July and August

The start of the 66th edition of the Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago, Viareggio.

TOSCA 17-24 July / 2-21 August
TURANDOT 18-31 July / 8-16 August
MANON LESCAUT 25 July / 7 August
LA BOHèME 1-9-22 August
BALLET 13 August

Brugnato in Fiore - mid-June

On the occasion of Corpus Domini, the Infiorata is repeated in Brugnato, a religious and artistic event during which the streets of the town are covered with a vast floral carpet, with drawings of the various districts inspired by religious and Eucharistic themes that celebrate Jesus in the Eucharist

Sarzana Mind Festival - early September

The 17th Edition of the Festival of the Mind will be held from 4 to 6 September 2020 in Sarzana and as usual it will offer meetings with moments of cultural study with scientists, great writers and artists, as well as a program for children.

Palio del Golfo - early August

The Palio of the Gulf of La Spezia takes place every year on the first Sunday of August in the waters in front of the promenade. It is a rowing competition between 13 boats, with hulls similar to the Gozzo Nazionale, but handmade by local artisans, unique features that make them faster and more agile.

Lucca Comix - early November

The Lucca Comics & Games event will be held within the walls of Lucca from 1 to 4 November 2020, a fair dedicated to comics, animation, games, video games, imaginative fantasy and science fiction. The most important sector review in Italy, second in Europe. The place where everyone can become heroes for a day, once they enter its walls, the rest of the world disappears.

Medievalis - mid-August

Medievalis takes place every year in August in Pontremoli and recalls the concession of the rank of Free Municipality to the Community of Pontremoli, 1226 Pontremoli is transformed into a city of the past: cars will be banned to make way for carriages, merchants and riders and many figures engaged in representing the medieval social classes. From 20 to 24 August 2020

Sarzana DOC - June

In June, the event will bring an added value, that of wanting to make the city center known with a virtual tour through the vineyards of our Val di Magra, with the pleasure of tasting.

Night of the White Madonna in Portovenere - mid-August

On August 17 of every year Porto Venere lights up with candle lights along all the streets of the village and on the cliffs, there is no lack of devotional songs and procession for the religious feast dedicated to the White Madonna in memory of a miracle of transformation of an image completely today guard in San Lorenzo.

The attic in the street - mid-August

From 16 to 24 in the historic center of Sarzana the Attic returns to the street, one of the oldest manifestations of genre in Italy, born from the antiquarian traction of the city of Sarzana.

In Manarola the largest and most illuminated nativity scene in the world - December and January

A show within a show. A unique and suggestive emotion. The most beautiful Christmas card.
In Liguria, one of the most characteristic villages of the Cinque Terre gives the tradition of the crib a real triumph of lights and beauty: the Manarola Nativity. As in tradition, for centuries the Nativity scene has been linked to the image of illuminated houses, streams, animals, shepherds and comet stars. Here, in this which is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the crib embraces an entire hill, which conquers everyone from land and sea.
With its 8 km of electric cables, 17000 bulbs and more than 300 life-size characters, all in unused or recycled materials, this crib is the largest in the world and has been included in the Guinness Book of Records since its opening in 2007.
It was born from the care and passion of Mario Andreoli, a former employee of the Italian railways, who, bulb after bulb, sheep after sheep, gave way to the ambitious project to illuminate the whole hill with the crib. Today, after 50 years, the public can still admire his incredible work: an entire hill in the heart of the Cinque Terre shines in the winter night to tell the descent to the land of angels, the advent of the shepherds and the first cry of the Baby Jesus . An emotion that knows how to combine artistic flair, faith and tradition.
This year the inauguration will be held on December 8th starting at 5.30pm with a spectacular overture that will light up the crib, visible until the end of January 2020. Don't miss out, those who have had the good fortune to see it have been ecstatic and often return to this place, magical and surprising!